So I started a podcast

I like writing, but we live in a tl;dr world now, and I’m always worried that potential “readers” are put off by large blocks of text.

So I’ve been looking for a medium to talk about my interests and experiences without requiring my prospective audience to wade through thousands of words of prose.

I considered YouTube, but I’m kind of camera-shy. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of OSR podcasts, and I thought, well, I can do that. So here goes:

I don’t at present intend to stop writing the blog. But sometimes I’d like to ramble on about some things that I suspect people would prefer not to have to read for themselves.


Author: Robert

I'm a freelance editor and stay-at-home dad. I've been running Dungeons & Dragons for my daughter, son, and their cousins for about two years.

3 thoughts on “So I started a podcast”

  1. Great start on the podcast, no need to edit out all the interruptions, we are use to it. I am starting a game with one of my boys and six of his friends. Any lessons that I learn from this harrowing experience I will pass on to you.

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    1. After a couple of D&D games with seven kids, 12 and under, I learned that rules go out the window. Its best to start with the B/X sets due to the minimum option of PC choice.


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